• Restorative circle

  • PBIS Staff



    Angelica Manzo
    PBIS/ Restorative Practices Coach
    (909) 873-4336 ext 2372

    Albert Davila
    (909) 873-4336 ext 2389

    Carlos Mares
    PBIS District Counselor

    Lindsay Morton
    PBIS District Counselor

    Jeff Prentice
    PBIS District Counselor

    Lori Pevoteaux 
    Wellness Center COSA
    Rialto High School
    (909) 421-7500 ext. 21170

    Robert "Shon" Hampton
    Wellness Center COSA
    Eisenhower High School
    (909) 820-7777 ext. 21734

    Katrina Mitchell
    Wellness Center COSA
    Carter High School
    (909) 854-4100

  • What is Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support (PBIS)?

    Positive Behavior Interventions and Support (PBIS) is a systems approach to enhancing the capacity of schools to support and educate ALL STUDENTS.  It is a proactive approach to school-wide discipline that is based on three levels of prevention/intervention to address the needs of all students.  PBIS is not a curriculum, intervention, or practice, but rather a framework or approach for assisting school personnel in adopting and organizing evidence-based behavioral interventions into an integrated continuum that enhances academic and social behavior outcomes for all students. 

    Our Mission

    To provide a positive, safe, healthy, nurturing and respectful environment in which all students have the opportunity to become productive members of society. We will provide this through the:

    1. Development of clearly defined and consistent student expectations and accountabilities.
    2. Maintenance of an open ended flexible approach through the use of a data driven informational system.
    3. Educationally sound methods that foster student character, safety, academic excellence and individual citizenship.