April Principal's Challenge

  • Choose a Monthly Challenge Writing Poetry or Jazz Appreciation. 

    You can do both.

    For Poetry:

    Relax, read and enjoy some poetry. Then give it a try writing your own poetry. 

    Submit an original poem you have written. 

    For Jazz Appreciation:

    Have fun, listen and research an artist with parent permission. Submit a colorful, informative, and true AVID one-pager on the artist. Your teacher can help and support you understand what a one-pager is.

  • Poetry


  • Creating a One-Pager

    Utilize the instructions below to express your comprehension of, reactions to, and connections with a specific area of study.

    Within the One-Pager:

    • Include first and last name, clearly displayed.
    • Include concept, unit of study, and/or title and author of the text.
    • Create a border that reflects the theme, concept, or message of the unit of study.
    • Using the text as a beginning point, display your reactions, interpretations, and connections to the unit of study.
    • Include visual images that have strong relationships to the unit of study.
    • Draw a word cluster around one of the visual images. The visual word cluster should artistically symbolize the subject matter.
    • Write a poem about an important figure, character, or member of the unit of study.
    • Support your selections from the text, your artwork, and your opinions with a personal statement.
    • Begin your statement with, “I believe…”
    • Create Level 1, 2, or 3 questions, and then answer them with solid support from your notes on the unit of study.
    • Be colorful and neat. Nothing should be left in plain pencil.