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Valley Now Program

Below are the steps that you must take to enroll in SBVC for the fall semester.  If you need assistance please email Mr. John Tenorio at and please cc me on the email (  Pay attention to the deadlines below so you don't miss you on this amazing opportunity!!
    • March 10, 2021 - Concurrent enrollment packets will be due.  We realize this may coincide with Spring Break - if it does, students are welcome (and encouraged) to submit packets early!   
    • April 23, 2021 - Orientation and Assessment is due
    • May 7, 2021 - Registration due 
  • Valley Now! Concurrent Enrollment Process for New Students
    1. Fill out an initial survey 
    2. Identify the steps needed to finish the concurrent enrollment process (this is where they identify if they are new, returning, or continuing students using our student category tool).  
    3. Create an account 
    4. Apply to SBVC 
    5. Start the Concurrent Enrollment Packet - we have created a questionnaire that will help us generate a pre-filled concurrent enrollment packet for the students (along with all other required forms).  Students will receive the completed forms via email.  
    6. Get the emailed forms signed and turn them in using this questionnaire 
After packets are complete:
  • Complete SBVC Orientation (either online or in-person) and complete our questionnaire 
    1. Complete the SBVC Assessment process and complete our questionnaire 
    2. Meet with a counselor (required of new concurrent enrollment students) - counselors will email students who must complete this requirement before registering.  
    3. Register for classes
    4. Attend a Valley Now! Welcome Meeting
    5. Schedule a mid-semester Valley Now! Counselor meeting - this will help us identify struggling students and provide academic support.