Welcome Back Knights!

Posted by Mr. Robert on 1/17/2021 7:00:00 PM

Welcome back Knights! It is finally 2021. New year, new semester.


You should have recieved a call this Sunday (Jan 17th) talking about what we have coming up this week, as well as some information you should knows.


  • Tomorrow is Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday, so we will not have any school tomorrow.
  • Starting with the 17th's phone call, all call scripts from this point on will be available on the website in case you missed the call.
  • Badminton's google classroom code is now available. You can use this code to join: zakrsbv
  • Seniors and Juniors, if you did not do that well last semester, you may be getting an email from your counselor signing you up for a 7th period course. If you do, and have questions, please reply to the email so someone can go over it with you.
  • If you need to see our academic calendar for dates we are out of school in the future please check out our calendar here. You can also find a minature list version of our calendar on the homepage and under Our School.
  • Be sure to check out ASB's social media accounts to get the latest info on what is going on with our school.