• Mission Statement

    The mission of Dunn Elementary, the compass which guides scholars, is to empower each studen to advance curiosity and   resourcefulness to achieve their personal best, as they prepare to navigate through life in a diverse community through a   vital system distinguished by:

    • High expectations for students in which academic progress is celebrated as they prepare for higher education
    • A  safe, respectful, and responsible school community that embraces cultural diversity
    • Collaborative partnerships with families 
    • An engaging learning environment that extends beyond the classroom 

    Strategic Objectives:

    Students will...

    • Each student will acquire strong foundational skills at each grade level.
    • Each student will use problem solving skills to establish and maintain positive relationships.
    • Each student will be a responsible, respectful, and productive member of their community.


    We will...

    • Ensure strategically planned and equitable learning opportunities
    • Establish open communication with families and provide them with support for their students
    • Create a culture that inspires scholars to achieve their personal goals