• Attention Knights!

    If you are having trouble getting the CA Secure Browser installed please stop by Rialto High School to get assistance.

    Students can come in today 04/12 from 1:00-3:30PM to get the California Secure browser installed.

    • Mr. Olmos will be available this week on Tuesday and Wednesday from 7:00AM-3:30PM
    • Caleb or Coach Goodloe will be available from 7:30AM-11:30AM and 1:00PM-3:30PM Monday through Friday
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  • RHS Summer School 2021


     Click or scan the image below to register!

     Summer School QR

    Or Click Here for the registration form.

    If you have an F or D in one of your classes that you need for graduation, than click here or the image above to register for RHS Summer School 2021. (You can also scan the image with your phone to go straight to the registration page!)

    Summer school this school year will be distance learning and will be available to continuing 10th through 12th grade students.

    Click Here to see the full brochure for summer school.

    Note: Summer School Priority is Given to Seniors, then Juniors.

    First Semester*

    Tuesday, June 8th through Friday, June 18th, 2021

    Second Semester*

    Monday, June 21st through Thursday, July 1st, 2021

    Third Semester*

    Monday, July 12, 2021  through Thursday, July 22nd, 2021

    *Textbooks will be distributed on June 07, 2021 (9AM-12PM) for 1st Semester. 2nd and 4rdSemester TBD



     Click "Details" below for more information or click here.








    Students are getting 6 hours of exposure to the curriculum each day for 9 days per semester (hours of instruction might vary by the teacher).

    • 2 hours of instruction 
    • 1 Hour will be a live session
    • 1 Hour could be live but it can also be a recorded session 
    • 4 hours of homework/classwork
    • Teachers will provide 1 hour of virtual office time per day


    • If the student does not log in on the first day of class, he/she will be dropped. 
    • Students must attend 1 hour of the live session per day. 
    • After missing 5 hours of the synchronous (live) session, the student will be dropped. (5 days)

    The last day to drop a class and not receive a grade for the 1st Semester will be June 11, 2021. The last day to drop a class and not receive a grade for the 2nd Semester will be June 24, 2021. Students who do not complete the academic summer school may forfeit future summer school enrollment opportunities.

    This year's summer school is highly recommended for students who:

    • Are seniors who need fifteen (15) semester credits, or fewer, in order to earn a diploma prior to September
    • Are credit deficient for graduation
    • Have failed classes and are in need of remediation 
    • Incoming 9th-grade students taking Math 2 Honors in the fall. 

    If your student does not meet the above criteria, the student may petition to attend summer school:

    • Students who petition for inclusion based on the need to facilitate graduating with their class as identified in the student’s four-year plan will be enrolled on a space-available basis. 
    • Students needing a class for a special program should consult with their counselor.
    • CTE classes will NOT be offered in the summer.


    **Course offerings subject to change**

    Academic Classes:
    All courses offered as a 5 credit class
    F = First Semester of Course
    S = Second Semester of Course
    P = Courses that meet University of California requirements.
    Y = One semester class only

    Social Studies
    20th Century U.S. Hist. P (F) (S)
    World History P (F) (S)
    American Government (P)
    4Economics (P)

    Math 1 Integrated Math 1 P (F) (S)
    Math II Integrated Math 2 P (F) (S)
    Math III Integrated Math 3 P (F) (S)

    English 9 P (F) (S)
    English 10 P (F) (S)
    English 11 P (F) (S)

    Environmental Science (F) (S)
    The Living Earth (F) (S)
    Exp. Marine Environmental (F) (S)
    Chemistry in Earth (F) (S)
    Energy of the World of Future (F) (S)
    Physics in Universe (F) (S)

    Art 1
    Theater 1


    MATH (5 Credits each)
    APEX Mathematics I Common Core Sem 1
    APEX Mathematics I Common Core Sem 2
    APEX Mathematics II Common Core Sem 1
    APEX Mathematics II Common Core Sem 2
    APEX Mathematics III Common Core Sem 1
    APEX Mathematics III Common Core Sem 2

    ENGLISH (5 Credits each)
    APEX English 9 Common Core Sem 1
    APEX English 9 Common Core Sem 2
    APEX English 10 Common Core Sem 1
    APEX English 10 Common Core Sem 2
    APEX English 11 Common Core Sem 1
    APEX English 11 Common Core Sem 2
    APEX English 12 Common Core Sem 1
    APEX English 12 Common Core Sem 2

    SOCIAL STUDIES (5 Credits each)
    APEX US Government & Politics CORE
    APEX US & Global Economics Core
    APEX US History CORE Sem 1
    APEX US History CORE Sem 2
    APEX World History CORE Sem 1
    APEX World History CORE Sem 2

    APEX PE 10 (5 Credits each)

    APEX Spanish I
    APEX Spanish 2
    APEX Spanish 3








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  • Upcoming ELAC Meeting

    Posted by Mr. Robert on 4/2/2021

    Our ELAC meeting scheduled for 04/02 has been rescheduled in observance for Good Friday


    The next meeting will take place on 04/16/2021 at the scheduled time. The meet link will be posted here and made available on the calendar once it is ready.

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  • Parent Summit and More

    Posted by Mr. Robert on 1/24/2021 4:00:00 PM

    Parent Summit Registration

    Hello knights!

    Here is the news for this week.

    Parent Summit January 30th

    This year's Parent Summit will be held virtually. All of the schools in Rialto Unified will be there representing their schools. You must sign up to attend and you can find the link to attend in the graphic above or click right here.

    Parent Tip Google Meet this Thursday

    Our next parent tip google meet will be held this Thursday at three different times. 8AM, 2PM, and 6PM. The images above have the information to join, and you can also see the link and event in our school calendar. The info with this parent tips event will focus on the upcoming registration that takes place in February for the 2021/2022 school year.

    ASB Weekly Announcements

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  • Welcome Back Knights!

    Posted by Mr. Robert on 1/17/2021 7:00:00 PM

    Welcome back Knights! It is finally 2021. New year, new semester.


    You should have recieved a call this Sunday (Jan 17th) talking about what we have coming up this week, as well as some information you should knows.


    • Tomorrow is Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday, so we will not have any school tomorrow.
    • Starting with the 17th's phone call, all call scripts from this point on will be available on the website in case you missed the call.
    • Badminton's google classroom code is now available. You can use this code to join: zakrsbv
    • Seniors and Juniors, if you did not do that well last semester, you may be getting an email from your counselor signing you up for a 7th period course. If you do, and have questions, please reply to the email so someone can go over it with you.
    • If you need to see our academic calendar for dates we are out of school in the future please check out our calendar here. You can also find a minature list version of our calendar on the homepage and under Our School.
    • Be sure to check out ASB's social media accounts to get the latest info on what is going on with our school.
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