• Dear Rialto Unified School District Families: RUSD Superintendent Dr. Avila

    Welcome to the 2023-2024 school year!

    On Monday, August 7, 2023, we embarked on a new school year, filled with enthusiasm and hope for a fruitful academic journey ahead. This year, we are not only driven by our dedication to education but also by our District's definition of kindness: The personification of honorable and compassionate service to others. Our path forward will be illuminated by our unwavering spirit of kindness, equity, and strategic insight. As we navigate the evolving landscape of education, our primary focus remains on bolstering teaching and learning, fostering mental well-being, and instilling personal responsibility. Our District's pledge is to create an environment where both students and staff members flourish, feeling valued and safe.

    For the 2023-2024 school year, our commitment to addressing the educational needs of our students remains steadfast. We emphasize the importance of literacy, recognizing it as the gateway to all other academic disciplines. Alongside this, we will persist in our efforts to cater to the mental health needs of our students, utilizing the diverse programs and resources available within our District and the broader community.

    Together, with your unwavering support, the District is poised to Bridge your child’s Future Through Innovation.

    Cuauhtémoc Avila, Ed.D.,
    Rialto Unified School District Superintendent

Recent News

  •  Dress Code Letter to Families

    Dress Code Letter to Families

    The student dress code at the Rialto Unified School District should serve to support all students in developing a body-positive self-image. All students are expected to adhere to the RUSD Student Dress and Grooming Policy 5132. Please click here to read this letter to RUSD Families outlining our dress code expectations for students.

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  •  Mobile Communication Device  Letter to Families

    Mobile Communication Device Letter to Families

    Rialto Unified School District staff, along with a team of students and parents, have updated the District’s Mobile Communication Device (e.g., cellphone) policy and identified actions to help students develop personal responsibility when using cellphones and/or social media. Please read this letter outlining the policy for our RUSD Families.

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  •  See Something, Say Something

    See Something, Say Something

    The Rialto Unified School District wants to affirm its commitment to the safety and wellness of our students and staff. Students are encouraged to notify school staff when they are being bullied or harassed or suspect that another student is being victimized. In line with the District’s “See something, say something” policy, please click the link to report any incident.

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  •  SAC Health School Based Clinic

    SAC Health & RUSD offer school-based health clinic

    SAC Health and Rialto Unified School District are holding a health clinic on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please click for more information.

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  •  Literacy and Numeracy

    Foundations: Literacy & Numeracy Initiative

    Language is the architecture of life. Literacy is the knowledge that makes life comprehensible and informs the quality of our participation in culture and society.

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