Welcome to the 2024-2025 school year!

    We are set for the most exciting year yet at Henry. We are now Henry, Media, Visual & Performing Arts School. This year, Henry will have its first media team consisting of fourth and fifth grade students. They will be sharing the latest school news and events with our students and staff and actively delivering information to our families through our social media outlets. While I know you appreciate hearing from me as the Principal, I believe you will enjoy hearing from our students even more.

    Henry will also be integrating visual and performing arts further into our classroom learning. As our students read engaging books and write, these experiences will also connect to painting, drawing, creating, and performing arts opportunities. I hope this new beginning excites you as much as it does us. Henry Day will be every Thursday, and we encourage our students to wear their new Henry shirts. If you have not purchased one yet, they are available at our online spirit store, linked in our Instagram bio, posts, and on our website.

    Our theme this year is “The Start of a New Beginning.” We will be writing new chapters for Henry, promising to motivate our students towards their greatest success. Our Henry Houses now focus on Media and Visual and Performing Arts. All of our students and staff are part of a house: Allegro—the House of Music, Creare—the House of Performing Arts, Illuminatio—the House of Art, and Relevé—the House of Dance. We will gather on the blacktop weekly in houses to chant and celebrate our teams. Families are encouraged to join us and even purchase a house shirt to get involved. House lunch will take place every Friday, providing students the opportunity to sit with peers from their house, fostering new friendships. Henry house shirts are available for purchase. If you need your child’s house information, please contact the office at (909) 820-7909. Our teachers can also provide that information to you.

    We recognize that these efforts are most effective with our families' support. I encourage you to become a volunteer at Henry and get more involved. Our PTA is already planning meetings, fundraisers, and events for the year. Additionally, we have a School Site Council and an English Language Advisory Council. These parent committees meet on the third Tuesday and Wednesday of the month at 8:30. They provide feedback on events, resources, and contribute to decisions on school planning and funding. Henry has a place for all students and families! I hope you will join us in our celebrations throughout the year. We have many successes to come! Please feel free to contact me with any questions at the Henry office (909) 820-7909.

     Ramona Rodriguez

    Dr. Natasha Jones


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