• Dr. Ayanna Ibrahim-Balogun Principal

    Dr. Ayanna Balogun

    Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year. With COVID-19 global health crisis and the racial Uprising following the murder of George Floyd, our school year has begun in an unprecedented and unchartered way. With that being said, I want to assure you that our staff is doing everything within our power to continue on our journey for educational excellence. Our #1 priority is to educate the “whole” child and to develop the skills and talents your children bring to school whether in person or through our Bridge Academy.

    • This year our theme is Discovery through Grace: Unlocking Celestial Potential. Simply put, we must allow ourselves room to grow as a whole community. Grace is about patience and understanding. Life continues to happen through these two pandemics and we must be mindful. Educational achievement is at the forefront of this journey, but so is mental wellness. Let’s remember to take care of each other and consistently commits to a habit that contribute to these 7 components:

      • Eating well
      • Sleeping well
      • Exercising
      • Mental wellness
      • Healthy relationships
      • Meditation/Mindfulness
      • Love

      Remember that our Werner stars require safe, stable and nurturing environments to be at their best. Keeping these habits at the forefront will assist in their “whole” child development and make 2020-2021 discovery year.

      Rialto Unified School District has developed a distance learning program known as the Bridge Academy so that the students within the district can continue learning while our school buildings are closed. The Bridge Academy represents the district’s commitment to making every effort to ensure that the learning of every student continues to be successful.

      Healthier, happier, and safer students who are eager to learn are what we as a school and district want for every student. We truly look forward to an amazing school year!


      Dr. Ayanna Balogun