• President/Presidente

    Brianna Hogan:

    My name is Brianna Hogan. I am a mother of one child who is currently enrolled with Dollahan elementary. Since my child has been attending school, I have been ensured to be an active parent in my child’s education. I served as a policy council member for his previous school for a year and a half, and I learned a lot from it gained experiences, and was able to make a difference in the education system. I would love to take on such a role at his current school. I would love to serve as a president for my child’s school, be the difference, and voice for everyone else there as well.

    Arlinda Wilson:

    Arlinda Ramirez


  • Vice President of Fundraising/Vice Presidente/a de recaudación de fondos

    Lisa Proctor:

    I'm Lisa Proctor, mom to 2 special needs kids; a precocious 2nd grader and a very tall preschooler. I've enjoyed being an active volunteer at Dollahan, as well as serving on PTO and SSC. I want to help make the extra activities possible.

    Lisa Proctor

    Sue Gurrola:

    Hi, my name is Susan Gurrola 45 years young.

    • I am a mother of 5
    • Step son 24 he is in the Navy
    • Son 23 Journeyman
    • Daughter 17 senior
    • Sons 7 and 9, 2nd 3rd graders
    • Overworked as an ER registration clerk ally life and have always volunteered at my kid’s schools. I have helped with events, back-to-school nights, open houses, and my kid’s sports teams as a team mom.
    • I currently work at Think Together at Henry Elementary School. I’m a program leader for 3rd graders. I love it. I took this job to be with my kids as in the ER the hours are very long and I barely saw my kids.

    Sue Gurrola

  • Vice President of Membership/Vice Presidente/a de afiliación

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