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  • What is the Dual Language Immersion Program?

    The dual language immersion program is a form of education in which students learn  content and develop literacy in two languages. The Dual Language Immersion Program in the Rialto Unified School District will provide instruction in English and Spanish. 

    Who can be a part of Dual Language?

     * Students who begin Kindergarten in August 2021 

    * Native English speakers, native Spanish speakers or bilingual students 

    * Kindergarten enrollees from all areas of the Rialto Unified School District

     What are the benefits of the Dual Language Immersion Program?

     Current research shows that learning a second language can benefit students in the following ways:

    * Accelerate academic success

    * Enhance communication skills

    * Develop an appreciation for diversity

    * Gain future personal benefits such as enhanced career, business and travel opportunities


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