• Transcripts/Records

  • Registrar:  Tiffany Sedano

    Phone:  (909) 421-7500  Ext. 21130

    Email:  TSEDANO@Rialtousd.org

    Fax:  (909) 421-7585

    Office Hours:  8:00am - 11:00am & 2:00pm - 3:00pm By Appointment Only

    *Please note that our Priority is to our current student's needs. Plan Accordingly*

    All Alumni wanting records need to schedule an appointment with Mrs. Sedano

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Quick and Easy Way to Order Transcripts Online

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Ordering Transcripts

  • Ordering transcripts

    Ordering your high school transcript is fast, easy, and secure - and you can track the entire process online


    1.    Log in/Sign in to Parchment.com by clicking the "Order My Transcript" button above. 

    2.    You will be brought to the Enter your Enrollment Information page. Fill in the fields. ** All married women must use maiden names when creating account**

    §  Select whether you'd like to waive your FERPA rights.

    §  If you opted in to College Discovery during the registration process, you can select whether you'd like your transcript to be shared with other colleges.

    3.    Click Save & Continue.

    4.    On the Sign the Transcript Request Form page:

    §  Use your mouse or stylus to sign your name in the box.

    §  Check the box to confirm that you are authorized to order the transcript and then type your name.

    §  Check the last box if you want a copy of the transcript stored in your Parchment account. If you check this box, it means that you will receive an unofficial copy of your transcript into your Parchment account and it will be stored there.

    5.    Click Save & Continue.

    6.    Select the destination that you would like to send your transcript to and fill in the fields. Go to Select destination type for more information on the destination types.

    7. Enter your payment details and click Submit.

    Here's what happens next

    Your school will receive your transcript request. They will need to approve the request and upload your transcript. Once uploaded, Parchment delivers your transcript to your destination. You can track your order online.