• SSC Wesbite

  • What is a School Site Council (SSC)? 

    A School Site Council is a group of elected people with responsibility for annually developing, monitoring, evaluating the effectiveness
    of the Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA). The role of the SSC is to oversee the school planning process the Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA) to raise the
    academic performances of all students particularly low achieving (Title One funds).
    This includes a cycle of continuous improvement in the development of SPSA, conduct comprehensive develop
    school goals develop of strategies & align budget to address identified student needs monitor implementation and evaluate effectiveness.

  • Casey SSC Members 2020-2021

    Teacher Members and Alternates – Ida Davila, Susan Rehfeld, and Angie Dale.
    Parent Members and Alternates – Cindy Venegas, America Ortega, Paola Pacheco, and Veronica Diaz.
    Classified Member – Abi Moreno
    Principal – Roberto Velez
    Guests - Tom Bashaw, Assistant Principal