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  • What does PBIS look like at Casey Elementary?

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    Cómo se ve PBIS en Casey?
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  • School Wide Procedures

    Hallway:-Traveling Position:

    • Walk on the right side of the hallway -away from doors

    • Walk in a straight line

    • Hands to your side or behind you

    • Line leader will stop at each corner as teacher has directed

    • Carry a hall pass if traveling without entire class

    • Use quiet voices as to not disturb other classes

    • Keep hands, feet, and belongings to yourself

    • Use respectful  words like; "excuse me" and "Thank you"


    • Wait outside if all stalls are in use.

    • Be quick, quiet and clean.

    • Flush.

    • Wash hands with soap and water.

    • If you see trash, pick it up.

    • Put trash in trash cans.

    • Report low supplies or problems to your teacher.


    • Keep objects, rocks, etc. on the ground (no throwing)

    • If the area is being used for P.E. please remain off that particular area of the playground

    • If your classroom equipment is brought out, (Teacher name on it), be sure to keep track of it and return it.

    • After the bell, return borrowed equipment  

    • If it's from your room, hold all equipment in line. 

    • When the teacher signals you to come in, make sure students gather promptly and orderly.



    2022 PBIS Award






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