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    Coyotes we are currently experiencing technical issues. Classes will begin on Monday. Please see your class schedules. Your chromebooks and personal computers are working and not affected by Malware. Any device malfunction or damage please contact Sylvia Franco at sfranco@rialtousd.org to switch your chromebook. All updates and class changes please check your gmail!

    Coyotes actualmente estamos experimentando problemas técnicos. Las clases comenzarán el lunes. Consulte sus horarios de clases. Tus Chromebooks funcionan y no se ven afectados por Malware. Cualquier mal funcionamiento o daño del dispositivo, comuníquese con Sylvia Franco en sfranco@rialtousd.org para cambiar su Chromebook. ¡Todas las actualizaciones y cambios de clase, por favor revise su gmail!

  • Instructions to Log in to your Google Account @rialtousd.org


    Email: First name + last name initial + last 4 numbers of your ID + @rialto.org (all lowercase letters)


    Example: Kucera Coyote  ID= 8675309



    Password: First Name (First letter is capitalized) + (Last Name Initial Capitalized) + (MM,DD,YY)


    Example: Kucera Coyote, Birthdate December 02, 2008