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  • This year summer school will be 100% online through distance learning using google classroom. All classes for 10-12 students will be credit recovery classes.

    Students may enroll in one or two classes depending on their specific needs. Students may enroll in both 1ST semester and 2ND semester. If more than two classes are needed, students can talk to their counselor in order to be enrolled in APEX Credit Rec. classes.

    All summer school courses are offered contingent upon authorization and funding by the California State Department of Education. The Rialto Unified School District reserves the right to cancel any or all course offerings.

    District and school site rules apply for all students attending summer school classes. Unacceptable behavior may result in removal from summer school classes.

    Summer school enrollment will be done during your yearly review meeting with your counselor that will happen in the upcoming months.


    This year summer school is highly recommended for students who:

    1. Are seniors who need fifteen (15) semester credits, or fewer, in order to earn a diploma prior to September
    2. Are credit deficient for graduation
    3. Have failed classes and are in need of remediation
    4. Incoming 9th grade students taking Math 2 Honors in the fall.

     If your student does not meet the above criteria, the student may petition to attend summer school:

    1. Students who petition for inclusion based on need to facilitate graduating with their class as identified in the student’s four-year plan will be enrolled on a space available basis.
    2. Students needing a class for a special program should consult with their counselor.
    3. CTE classes will NOT be offered in the summer.



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Course offering

    Students are getting 5 hours of exposure to the curriculum each day for 9 days per semester (hours of instruction might vary by teacher).
    2 Hours of instruction in the AM
    1 Hour break
    2 Hours of instruction in the PM
    1 Hour of homework


    • If students do not log in on the first day of class, they will be dropped.
    • Student must attend 1 hour of the live session per day.
    • After missing 5 hours of the synchronous (live) session, student will be dropped. (5 days)

    The last day to drop a class and not receive a grade for 1st Semester will be June 11, 2021. The last day to drop a class and not receive a grade for 2nd Semester will be June 24, 2021. Students who do not complete the academic summer school may forfeit future summer school enrollment opportunities.

    Textbooks will be distributed on 6/7 from 9-12 in the MPR.