Video Production

  • Video Production - This course covers the history and development of cinema, documentaries, and other new media and film technologies.  Students learn skills and practices in various aspects of cinema and video production by applying the elements of art, principles of design, integration of technology for the effective visual communication of their ideas, feelings, and values.

    Advanced Video Production - This capstone course will examine specific uses of television and video technology in various entertainment and industry sectors. Students will receive advanced training in pre and post-production jobs and competencies, current and emerging technologies, and the collaborative nature of the creative process involved in television and video production.  They will also gain experience in the use of lighting, sound, camera, and switching equipment and software used in various live broadcasts ( news, dramatic, musical, dance, and reality-based performance genres. 

Child Development

  • Child Development - This CTE concentration course was developed to teach students about the importance of parents, prenatal development, child growth and development, guidance and discipline, playing and learning, health and safety, and changes that affect children.

    Careers with Children - This is a revised capstone course that prepares students for employment in the care and guidance of young children under the supervision of child development professionals. This course combines classroom instruction with work-based training in child development settings (preschool classrooms, secondary special education classrooms, and/or various child care centers). The course will focus on curriculum development, safety concerns, discipline techniques, growth and development of infant, toddler, preschool, and school-age children.


  • Green Construction - Green Construction is designed to provide students with technical instruction and practical experience in basic residential and commercial construction. Students master measurement systems, safe use of hand and power tools, calculation and characteristics of building materials, carpentry, framing, electrical wiring, plumbing, renewable energy, and finish work. Green Building and Design components are incorporated throughout the course in order to understand and implement the rapidly increasing demands for environmentally responsible "green" construction codes and building practices.  

    Advanced Residential Construction - Advanced Residential Construction is the capstone course of the construction trade, green construction, and careers, with integrated Geometry content. Students master measurement systems, safe use of hand and power tools, calculation and characteristics of materials, carpentry, framing, basic electrical wiring, and site preparation. Coursework is project-based, developing teamwork and project management skills.


  • Pharmacy Clerk - This course gives the student basic skills and understanding of the profession to perform as an entry-level pharmacy clerk in many practice settings. Students learn pharmaceutical terms, basic clerical skills, customer service, insurance billing, and retail skills. Integrated throughout the course are Common Core State Standards and Career Technical Education Standards, which include safety, communication, technology, ethics, career planning, and other employable skills.

    Pharmacy Technology Honors - This capstone course is designed to provide students with the skills and understanding of the pharmacy industry. Students will be able to perform the job duties of an entry-level pharmacy clerk or technician in various pharmacy settings upon completion of this course.

    *Class grade is weighted for "Weighted Overall GPA"


  • Health Care Essentials - This concentration course focuses on human anatomy and physiology, normal body functions, associated pathologies, and medical interventions. Emphasis is placed on providing students with a thorough understanding of body systems and their relationship to health and wellness. The course also includes advanced medical terminology as applied to disease and medical interventions. Students will gain the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in a medical career or to obtain an entry-level position in the medical industry. In addition, students will develop the necessary interpersonal skills needed to join the competitive workforce, such as the value of teamwork, leadership, and effective communication.

    Nursing Services - This is a CTE class, under the industry sector of Health Science and Medical Technology and the Career Pathway of Patient Care. This course prepares students to incorporate job-specific health career fundamentals with didactic laboratory and clinical competencies. Skill-based learning will allow the students to master the hands-on skills necessary for direct patient care.

Culinary Arts

  • Intro to Foods - This is a concentration CTE course under the Hospitality and Tourism Industry Sector and in the Career Pathway of Food Service and Hospitality.  It is designed for students who are interested in understanding the principles of food, nutrition, and hospitality. The study and application of food preparation, planning, service, and nutrition are addressed in this course.

    *Course is taught off-campus and is a 6/7 period block.  Only open to Juniors and Seniors

    International Cuisine - This year-long course is designed to provide students with a comprehensive study and experiential learning of the world's major cuisines. Various regions of the world will be covered, including North America, Latin America, Europe, the Mediterranean, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

    *Course is taught off-campus and is a 6/7 period block.  Only open to Juniors and Seniors

  • All Courses Meet A-G Category "G" - Elective