FAQs for Employees Reporting to Work Site

  • Q: If my child’s school is closed, what options do I have for staying home to provide childcare?
    A: Although we understand that school closures may provide a challenge for childcare for employees and their families, at this time we have the following options:

    1. Request a flexible work schedule, if applicable. 
    2. Request a change to the work assignment rotation.
    3. Request District provided child care if your child is of school age. 

    Q: If I am feeling sick, have COVID-19 symptoms, have been asked to self-quarantine or I am part of a high risk population who does not feel comfortable coming to work?
    A: Please stay at home if you are feeling sick or have any symptoms associated with the COVID-19. Please contact Personnel Services for instructions. 

    Q: What measures are being taken to ensure that it is safe to report to my work site, each day?
    A: Be assured that the following measures are taking place:

    1. All facilities will be sanitized and disinfected (e.g. restrooms, door handles, light switches, and high-traffic areas such as lounges, etc.).
    2. All Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems will be maintained, including changing of filters.
    3. We are encouraging everyone to practice “Social Distancing” (6 feet apart), frequent hand-washing, and respiratory etiquette (please see chart on right).
    4. Gatherings will be limited to 50 people or less.    

    Q: Why do I need to report to work?
    A: The District has determined that the duties you perform are essential to the operations of the District during the closure. Employees can be required to perform assigned work during an emergency as disaster service workers under Government Code 3100. 

    Q: How will I know of any changes?
    A: You should continue to check your District email and website, frequently. Most announcements will be made through e-mail or website.