• Simpson Elementary Family Resource Center


    Welcome to the Family Resource Center!

    At Simpson Elementary, we are thrilled to introduce our brand new Family Resource Center, a dedicated and safe space created for parents and guardians. This center is designed to foster collaboration, learning, and community engagement, thanks to the incredible efforts of our PTA. We invite all parents to take advantage of the resources, educational opportunities, and support services available here.

    Parent Resource Center


    Our Mission

    The mission of the Simpson Elementary Family Resource Center is to empower parents and guardians with the knowledge, resources, and support needed to foster the academic and personal success of their children. We aim to create a welcoming environment where parents can engage with school staff, access valuable resources, and participate in educational workshops.


    Purpose of the Family Resource Center

    • Support Parent Engagement: To provide a space where parents can actively engage with their child's education and school community.
    • Access to Resources: To offer access to various resources that support both parents and students in their educational journey.
    • Educational Opportunities: To provide workshops and training sessions that help parents enhance their skills and knowledge.
    • Community Building: To foster a sense of community and collaboration among parents, students, and school staff.


    Parent Resource Center PTA Presenting


    Resources Available

    1. Educational Workshops:

      • Understanding Your Child’s Curriculum
      • Effective Communication with Teachers
      • Supporting Homework and Study Habits
      • Internet Safety and Digital Citizenship
    2. Technology Access:

      • Computers and Internet Access
      • Printer and Copier Services
      • Online Educational Tools and Resources
    3. Parenting Resources:

      • Parenting Books and Magazines
      • Information on Child Development
      • Tips for Positive Discipline and Behavior Management
    4. Community Support Services:

      • Information on Local Community Programs
      • Access to Social Services and Counseling
      • Health and Wellness Resources
    5. Language and Literacy Support:

      • English Language Learning Materials
      • Literacy Support for Parents and Children
      • Bilingual Resources and Assistance


    Parent Resource Center Special Guests


    Upcoming Workshops

    • August 22: Home to School Connection:  ParentSquare, ParentVue, and How to Become a School Volunteer
    • September 26: How is My Child Doing? iReady, CAASPP, ELPAC & Attendance Individual Reports Overview
    • October 24: Our Students' Health & Safety: Drug and Alcohol Prevention
    • November 21: How to Help Our Students to Self-Regulate with our Therapeutic Behavior Support Specialist
    • December 5: Paint & Sip Coffee for Parents
    • January 23: Health: Cooking Healthy Snacks With Our Students   
    • February 20: Special Education Overview:  Understanding Your Child's I.E.P.
    • March 13: Helping Our Students Prepare for CAASPP & State Testing 
    • April 24: Avoiding the Summer Slide  - How to Enjoy Your Summer with Literacy & Math


    Thank You!

    A heartfelt thank you to our wonderful PTA for their dedication and hard work in setting up this incredible resource. Your efforts have made this space possible, and we are deeply grateful for your commitment to our school community.


    Parent Resource Center PTA Moms


    Get Involved!

    Parents are encouraged to attend our workshops, use the available resources, and participate in the various activities offered throughout the year. Together, we can create a supportive and thriving environment for our students and families.


    We look forward to seeing you at the Family Resource Center and working together to ensure the success of our students, parents, and staff!