• VAPA Specialists provide services to all Rialto students in grades K-5, including special education. The VAPA Specialists develop 16 differentiated, standards-based units with lessons and activities in music, visual art, and dramatic arts. These activities and lessons promote VAPA skill development, enjoyment of the arts, self-confidence, self-discipline, and good work habits. The program provides necessary exposure in the early instructional years that supports future arts programs such as band, middle school art electives, and A-G required programs for graduation. 

    The VAPA program provides visual arts lessons introducing the elements of art to students and master artists like Vincent van Gogh, Joan Miro, Ellis Wilson, and Faith Ringgold. Students explore and practice musical concepts of beat, rhythm, note value, tempo, ostinato, and syncopation. Students participate in composer studies by such composers as Beethoven, Scott Joplin and John Williams. Finally, in drama, students participate in various drama exercises exploring the use of the actors' tools: mind, body and voice.  

    VAPA Specialists can be seen supporting elementary school sites throughout the year and additionally in after-school enrichment programs as well as summer programs.



    Mrs. Camps

    Mrs. Chandler

    Mrs. Escobar

    Mrs. Graham

    Mrs. Gillean

    Ms. Hibdon

    Mrs. Hodge

    Mrs. Holder

    Mr. Lorber

    Ms. Perez

    Ms. Smyth-Tynes

    Mrs. Thompson

    Mr. Tomaselli

    Mrs. Torres

Performing Art (Music/Drama)

Visual Art