W.J.C. Trapp Elementary School opened in September of 1964. The school was
    named after William Joseph Christian Trapp, a local citrus grower, who served on the
    Rialto Unified School Board of Education for 29 years. He was succeeded on the
    School Board by his daughter, Mrs. Phyllis Iglehart, who served on the Board for ten
    years. Together they helped to guide the Rialto Unified School District for nearly 40
    Trapp Elementary opened with students who previously attended A.H. Morgan
    Elementary School and Lena M. Preston Elementary School. These students were
    joined by students from Dunn School during the first year because Dunn was
    overcrowded. Today, Trapp continues to be the main overflow school for Fitzgerald,
    Hughbanks, and Preston Elementary Schools.
    In 2008, 2018 and 2020, the California State Board of Education selected W.J.C. Trapp
    Elementary School as a California Distinguished School, an award that recognizes
    inspiring public schools within the state that best represent exemplary and quality
    educational programs.

    Principals of W.J.C. Trapp Elementary School:
    Dr. Charles Kondrit (3) 1964-1967
    Harold Hoover (1) 1967-1968
    Leslie Dollahan (4) 1969-1973
    Earle Williams (4) 1974-1978
    Chris Cutter-Chavez (6) 1978-1984
    Robin Valles (10) 1984-1994
    Thelma Williams (1) 1994-1995
    Lea Riedman (6) 1995-2001
    James Davidson (2) 2001-2003
    Rhea McIver Smith (3) 2003-2006
    Daniel J. Sosa (2) 2006-2009
    Kristine Levenson (3) 2009-2012
    Dr. Erick E. Witherspoon (1) 2012-2013
    Roxanne Dominguez (5) 2013- 2018
    Berenice Gutierrez 2018-Present Time

    This year, we look forward to continuing the tradition of providing excellence at Trapp
    Elementary. We will continue to tackle the Common Core Standards, state testing,
    learning recovery due to COVID-19 and address our students social emotional needs.
    Working together, we will reach our collective and individual goals, while succeeding in
    the education of every student. Here’s to another fabulous year!