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Welcome to Categorical (Special Programs)!

  • The Categorical Programs Office (Special Programs Office) has a goal is to provide tools that will better equip the district and school sites for action, by keeping you current on the latest state and federal mandates that will allow you to navigate through the changing waters of education funding, programmatic restructuring, and their impact on student success for the most educationally at-risk students. 

    This website is provided to assist you in understanding the purpose of the federal Title I funds (as well as other dollars) that are allocated to our district and schools.

    It is the intent of Title I  to provide supplemental funds allowing for the design of an effective instructional program for participating students.

    It is our hope that these links and forms will support the district and schools to implement a fully effective and compliant Title I program.


    Carol Mehochko - Agent, Special Programs 

    Lezette Mariscal - Categorical Specialist

    Categorical Programs Office

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